How can i refresh the screen using notifier button?

how can i refresh the screen using notifier button ?

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You can possibly do something like this. It closes the screen and re-opens it again. Replace the screen name with your current screen.


ok sorry im new here
thank you i will try that

it doesnt work
and didnt refresh current screen

what did you do? you can not show a notifier.dialog in a repeat timer event.

this my scence
I create screen 1 and
i create time limit and if the time limit has been reached it have notifier and shows button "ok"
And I want I could go back to the fresh screen1 again

We were creating a puzzle game with a timer. We want to have a notifier if the player reaches the time limit. We wish to notify them that times are up, and if they click the "OK" button, we want to refresh the screen.

If game over, you need to set timer.enabled to false, then show the dialog.

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Write a procedure named Refresh that resets all variable content and all screen contents.

Call the Refresh procedure from Screen initialize and your Notifier event.