Error 507: Unable to connect

Hello I looked at the phone version and it's a 5.0 version and the raspberry 5.5 as I had said. It is possible that it is incompatible

Look for a tutorial to configure Raspberry's Bluetooth with Python:

Here my experience in Spanish:

Hello, I would like to know how you did to connect your raspberry because, during the connection via app Mit Inventor I have a connection then a disconnection. I started by testing to connect to a smartphone but it shows me the same error. The error 507

I carried out the process indicated in the previous link.

except I wish I didn't have to use a server now. If possible with a bluetooth connection using an app mit inventor on a raspberry that is as simple as possible. After if it is impossible tell me in case you know things. Also I did not test your maneuver because the project will get heavier. I have to create a graphical interface with python for the raspberry Pi 3B with 3 buttons that are connected to led. Another application created with App Mit inventor which will allow to have the same options as on the graphical interface. If I press on the button one of the graphical interface, on the application app mit inventor it must be shown that the button one has been selected. In the same way for the use of the button on the application app mit inventor, if I press the button one of the application it can be seen on the graphical interface that the button one was used. The buttons will be managed by bluedot a python library that will allow to differentiate the buttons.

The problem here is the bluetooth connection to the application and to any andoid device for a test phase. Thanks

I used the app as ClientBluetooth and installed the Server BT in RPi, I have not done it the other way around.


I am using Boat Rockerz headset. It is having Blue Tooth Version 5.0. I tried to use the Bluetoothe client. I am getting error as 507, Unable to connect. I am just testing to see how to connect to bluetooth. I am in learning stage. Please help me.

I was able to scan with Bluetooth Client, But, not able to connect. But, it is connecting to my andriod phone without any problems. I am using AI companion to test.

I also, tried with BluetoothLE1 extension. That is not able to scan first.

Bluetooth v5 is BLE and therefore requires the MIT BLE Extension. BLE scans in a similar way to BT.

What is the goal of your App? To play music, listened to via the headset? I'm not sure how that would be accomplished - probably the music would be sent to the headphones as bytes.

Here is an example BLE Project that shows how to scan for devices (but not how to send anything to headphones).



Thanks for the reply. I have tested it. It not able to scan. My Bluetooth gets scanned to BlueToothClient. But, not able to connect. Gives 507 Error.

So, I am wondering how to fix it. I want to connect to my headphone using MIT App Inventor instead of regular mobile blue toothe scanning and connection. My headphones says, ready to pair. Do I need to pair before connecting in the found scanned devices?

I am trying AI companion.

'Pair' and 'Connect' are the same thing in Bluetooth.

You could try Building an APK........

What is the exact model name + number of the headset?

I don't remember the model number. But, it is Boat Rockerz.

I also tried downloading APK. It is not working.

The issue is, there are so many different Boat Rockerz. They have specification sheets online, but you have to know your exact model number.

You could download nRF Connect from Google Play and see if that can find your headphones. If it can, it can tell what the device address is and what characteristics UUIDs to use in your App Inventor App.

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the Late reply. Finally, I found the model details.

boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic (Active Black).

Hope, this info helps.

It's designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth v5.0 and the boAt App but there is no API or technical guide to allow it to be used with your own App.

However, it may be that an App like nRF can find the UUIDs of the earphones, in which case there is then a chance to build your own App to connect. So that's your next task, find an App on Google Play that can grab the comms details.

Concerning the scan failure - did you ensure:

  1. The phone's Bluetooth is switched on
  2. The phone's Location is switched on
  3. The Earphones are switched on

Well, I have some not-good-news. The MIT BLE extension requires an upgrade to support Audio.

From Evan, who develops the MIT BLE Extension:

hi all,
Please i have a problem that the i don't find the Bluetooth devises

then what

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