Sorry, file to resize does not exist

Hi trying to fix the issue with resizing pictures. I have renamed the file from png to jpg. By using Taifuns resize I'm trying to change the image size but I'm getting the following fault

Sorry, file to resize does not exist.

But it does

We need to see your Blocks Shas

Hi ! Well the errormessage is pretty precise and it is all conected to the issue that the telefon has change pictures from jpg to png...

And ofcourse I have search the forum... I will go back to basic and try to set up the program with minimum of data...

Try these blocks: (working in Companion on Android 12). I have done the work in three stages to hopefully make it easier to understand what is going on....:wink:

Sorry for late response... It not allways what it seems to be. This error at least in my case is not related to the app. I've used a filecommander in the background and it seem like this program locked the access to the folder.


Well it's very good that you have posted the information on what happened, no doubt others will hit the same issue.

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