Help with transfer from tablet size to phone size

I have an nice project that works fine on tablet size.
Now i need some help with transfer to phone size and view.
Can someone help me

Greetings from Germany

Try this:


and read:

Thank you, Anke.
The problem is that the button font look fine on a tablet (Android 6.0.1), but are too big on a phone (Android 9).
Or vice versa, if ok on a phone, too small on a tablet. Goal is to have automatic optimal visible buttons on both devices (larger on tablet, smaller on phone). I can find no solution for that in the forum and also not with re responsive/fixes issues oder sizing and percentage or pixeling.

There is no simple solution to this. When initializing the app, in blocks, you need to set the font size as a% of the screen size. Try experimentally what% will be optimal.

Try something like this:
fontSize.aia (2.9 KB)

you also can set the font size depending on the density...
See here for an example how to use theDensity method from the tools extension.


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Yes, but unfortunately that doesn't help if the user has set "large font" or "very large font" in the device settings.

I also can offer the FontScale property in the free version of the settings exension... :wink: