No Response from Users

I love to code in mit app inventor. But now I am leaving mit app inventor and its community. When I ask any question users never responded my questions seriously. I don't know why they have problem with me. I am leaving. This is the coding platform. Please do not use. :pray:

Ah yes, everybody will respond immediately :wink:

Yeah so basically everyone has a real life and other things to do actually.

So when you are responding, make sure to revise this guide beforehand:--

If you ask anybody else, the same thing they will respond.

On reviewing the topics you raised, or enquired within, you received, in all cases, multiple responses from Power Users and others, who do their best to help every community user. I am sorry your experience here means that you will be looking elsewhere for appinventor blocks coding advice. I note that before this topic, you have not posted for 10 days. You can always try again here, following the advice and guidance provided on how to ask good questions, which in turn should then generate a good response for you...although we do not have definitive answers for everything!

If you do decide to leave us, do you wish to keep your account on the community open, or should we close it down ?



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