Doodle App - Save As - How to Save in the internal storage of the device?


I have created the Doodle app with the 'Save' button.
But I can't see the saved Canvas images because my phone or any of my students don't have external storage on the phones.

Can anyone suggest How to Save the canvas image in the internal storage, so we can test the 'Save' button function?

Thanks in advance,

the saved canvas will be stored in the internal i.e. emulated sdcard
did you try a file manager app to find it?
a screenshot of your blocks might help us to understand, what you are doing and where the problem may be...

How to save a canvas


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Thank you for the quick reply.
Yes I can see the images in the File Manager, but if I try to save multiple times, it doesn't show all of them. Its a bit unpredictable. Not sure.

Please suggest.

Show your (relevant) blocks, as Taifun said.

See also here → point 2: