Trying to save a file to a subDirectory of DCIM?

This is working with companion 2.62 on either Android 10 or 12

I have an image file in ASD/Pictures. I am trying to save it to /DCIM/Camera.

The outcome should be /DCIM/Camera/myfile.jpg

However, the file is saved to: /DCIM/Camera_myfile.jpg
The outcome is the same whether I use Move or Copy

I use these blocks:


I also tried creating a new folder under /DCIM, which worked, but still could not save into that folder.

Do I need to be compiled for this to work ? or What am I missing here?

Yes, this is another bug



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Ah OK, not me going mad then :slight_smile: Thanks Anke

getASD blocks - Just a mock up to show the file paths :slight_smile:

Still a bug?