Trying to save a file to a subDirectory of DCIM?

This is working with companion 2.62 on either Android 10 or 12

I have an image file in ASD/Pictures. I am trying to save it to /DCIM/Camera.

The outcome should be /DCIM/Camera/myfile.jpg

However, the file is saved to: /DCIM/Camera_myfile.jpg
The outcome is the same whether I use Move or Copy

I use these blocks:


I also tried creating a new folder under /DCIM, which worked, but still could not save into that folder.

Do I need to be compiled for this to work ? or What am I missing here?

Yes, this is another bug



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Ah OK, not me going mad then :slight_smile: Thanks Anke

getASD blocks - Just a mock up to show the file paths :slight_smile:

Still a bug?

I try to save a photo in a DCIM subdirectory I created, but the image is saved in DCIM folder, not in the specified subdirectory:

This issue had already been repoted by @TIMAI2 here: Trying to save a file to a subDirectory of DCIM? in January 2022, but I did not find update on this bug.
Looks like it is still there :frowning:

Any idea when it will be fixed?

Thanks a lot

See post #2 (try with Legacy):

If I try with legacy, I get an error:

It should work. Android version?
Post the AIA or a small test AIA (which reproduces this error).

The only reason for this error is that the same file already existed. In other words, the day, hour, and minute timestamp was not enough, since it was retested within the same minute, either with the APK or with Companion (so different apps that can't overwrite each other's files).

So to avoid this, use a timestamp that also includes seconds.

Thanks for your feedback.
I found the issue :-). The problem is with the file name. If I use this format:

it fails,
If I use this one:

it works.
"-" and ":" are not allowed in file name when using CopyFile block

No, only ":" but "-" is no problem.

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Yes, you are right, only ":" is not allowed
Thanks for your support