PIC-associated webviewer can be deleted without warning

There seems to be a bug in which if there is a WebViewer component associated with the PIC, the WebViewer can still be deleted without any apparent recourse. The PIC still thinks it has an associated WebViewer even after the component was deleted. Not sure how it still worked for me, but it definitely confused us and after we replaced the missing WebViewer, the PIC stopped throwing an error. The WebViewer must also be visible, apparently, for the PIC to work.

The WebViewer serves two purposes and is required for PIC to work correctly. The WebViewer provides screen space to display the camera view (when in video mode) and it serves as the context for the Tensorflow.js model to classify the image.

Eventually, once we have finalized the support for visible extensions, the PIC extension others will be able to represent both the physical space in the UI as well as internalize the JavaScript engine from the WebView. Until then, you cannot ignore the requirement to link a WebViewer to the PIC instance.

Hi Jeff, I've made some modifications. Try this version of the extension, which includes an updated error system that includes textual descriptions of some error codes:

edu.mit.appinventor.ai.personalimageclassifier.aix (1.9 MB)

hi can i get some help i geting eroor; Failed to compile fragment shader

are you using the personal image classifier extension?
please elaborate... see also here about how to ask a question


yes i youse i downlad it from this post

When i use this extension,

App display this error code = -1 and error message= duplicate weight name: dense_Dense2/kernel , Will it be resolved? How? Thanks.