Problema web vew

ok, thank you so very very much, now i think i understood how to proceed. But let me ask a question: all this procedure for having only the title on the screen? i thought that the procedure would return the last news on the site :woozy_face:
isn't that?

Not my procedure....:wink:

If you identify what it is you want to show, you can probably work out what you need to do in order to show it.

This ?

<![CDATA[ <p> </p> <p> "IL PATROCINIO A SPESE DELLO STATO"</p> <p> 13 dicembre 2023</p> <p> ore 16,00-19,00</p> <p> Centro Eventi Arte | Viale XVIII Dicembre, 124 - Latina</p> <p> Iscrizioni tramite piattaforma RICONOSCO</p> <p>Evento accreditato dal COA di Latina con il riconoscimento di n. 2 crediti formativi in materie obbligatorie e n. 1 credito formativo ordinario.</p> <figure><img src=",h_914,al_c,q_80/file.png" ></figure> ]]>

Generate a list of all the items in <content:encoded>
Select the last (or first?) in list (for last use length of list for this)
Given the content is in html, you should be able to display it, and the image, in a webview

sorry, but i am totally ignorant on the subject AND I DON'T KNOW WHY I STARTED TO DO THIS CRAZY THING (but at this point, unfortunately, I can't go back :headstone:) so i have some difficult (I took it for granted that the RSS feed shows the content of the article and not just the title, as happens on websites) :man_facepalming:

Following your advise, i wanna show in the red circle area the last news on the page (that every time i post a news change).

So, i think i need to individuate a dynamic link in the rss page that is the last news that everytime changes and to put it somewhere. (lol) it's like that? and i can do it following what you say in the last message?

i will, but if i disable that block the image go smaller, so i am taking it until i will have the time to resize the image. Thank You mate! :wink:

Buongiorno a tutti.
Mi sono cimentato nello sviluppo di un'app molto semplice che, considerate le mie conoscenze meno che minime, è giunta ad un buon punto. Tuttavia, sto riscontrando un po' di difficoltà nella compilazione di due elementi: la status bar e il news feed. Premetto di aver già compilato entrambe i codici e che sono sicuro che essi funzionano, il problema è che non riesco ad adattarli alla mia schermata.

Chiedo se qualcuno fosse disposto a dare un'occhiata al mio progetto e ad aiutarmi a sistemare i due codici nella forma corretta.

Grazie a chi vorrà aiutarmi.

No need to start a new topic, let us carry on from here.

What do you want to do with the status bar?

Where exactly are you stuck with displaying the rss feed ?
The latest posts in the rss feed seem to just provide an image, is that what you want to display ?

Hi Timai, sorry for the new post. Considering the generality of my requests I thought it was not appropriate to continue here because it does not only concern web view and, furthermore, I am not able to continue on my own because I don't know all the procedures (up to now I have followed the tutorials step by step), for this reason I asked for the help of someone who wanted to modify the code and fix it and the issues.


SIDEBAR: with the sidebar I would like to create a menu present on each page that takes you back to the various screens (HOME, UTILITIES, EVENTS, POLISPORT, CONVENTIONS)... the classic menu found in the apps at the top right). To do this I followed a tutorial ( and managed to compile the code correctly. The problem is that the tutorial makes you perform the operation on a blank screen, while I would need to apply the sidebar to the screens already present in my app.

RSS FEED: I would need to show the titles of the latest 3/5 news items on a site at the bottom of the page, into the "MF NEWS" area, so that the user can click on the title that interests them and reach the entire article. Obviously it would be useful if the screen updated automatically every time a new news story is published.

The codes for all this are already inserted into the project, the problem is that as regards the sidebar it works but does not show the buttons inside, while as regards the RSS feed I cannot make the titles appear as I do I would like.

I hope I was clear. Thank you.

OFFICIAL APP with issues.aia (771.1 KB)


How do you see the link being displayed, in a separate webviewer/screen, because it will not look good, or be very readable in the space you provide on the current screen? From the xml I see, we will have to extract the title and the link and combine them, or make a list of pairs.


Ulli provides good documentation on his website with regard to the the construction of a sidebar with his extension. Does this help you to proceed with that ?

I have done the coding in the following project, which uses the xml format supplied by:

rss_oggieunaltropost (1).aia (20.6 KB)

This uses a listview to display the five most recent blog posts. If a user selects an item on the listview, they are taken to the blog post page in a webview.

Thank you Timai, your help is really precious.
But i still have the same problem: the application works if i import your aia but doesn't work when i import it in my main screen. I attack the aia of my app so you can see that i have done all that you suggest to me to do.

beyond that there is a way to show the news in a resolution adapted to the page and not zoom? or, if is not possible, to make make the links open outside the app, leading directly to the site?

Thank you so much. I have attacked the aia of my app integrated with the last code you've done.

OfficialAPP_with_correct_FEED_not_work.aia (771.6 KB)

Setting of the listview works if you remove this block


what is it for, why is it not set correctly?

For the web page view, you have too much going on on your screen for me to easily sort out. Might be better to call out to the native browser:

(there really is too much going on on your HOME screen, it needs simplifying, I would not like to be a user...)

Hi Timai, sorry but i been out for work. I don't know how i can thank you for your precious help. Finally my Rss FEED now works very well.

I have set the Home width/320 because a user suggest me to do this for adapting the screen to all mobile resolutions. Now i have disabled it as you told me to do... So now my screen is adapted for all resolutions?

beyond that, i have the second (and the last, i hope) problem to solve, that is the sidebar:

with the sidebar I would like to create a menu present on each page that takes you back to the various screens (HOME, UTILITIES, EVENTS, POLISPORT, CONVENTIONS)... the classic menu found in the apps at the top right).

To do this I followed a tutorial ( and managed to compile the code but, although I see the window, i can't see the buttons that i put in it.

(I just made some changes to the code because the extensions make you to manage only 5 items and in the video there are 1 title for the bar and 4 buttons, but i need to have 5 buttons without the title. However also if i do as in the tutorial with 1 title + 4 buttons it doesn't work)

If it is possible, i would also like to put at the end of the bar the address and the site and e-mail that now are at the end of the home screen.

I attach the aia so you can see the code.

OFFICIAL APP with RSS work_bar not wor.aia (771.7 KB)

Really really really thank you so much.

I refer you again to the documentation provided by Ulli for the sidebar extension:

thank you, i try to read this post. so you suggest me to delete all that i've done by following the video tutorial?

You can do that, or just apply what Ulli suggests.

ok, i'll try and i will give you a feedback. Thank you.

Hi mate, i followed your suggestions and the Ulli guide and now my sidebar works very well! :smiley:

I want to ask you an advise: for having a more light and fast app, do you think is better to create many screens and to create the three dot menu in each screen (like i'm doing), or to use virtual screens?

Thank you.

Virtual screens are faster.