I need help/info how to use my Slider Ext

I'm trying to color an image based upon RBG using Sliders. My attempts have not been successful. Sure would like to find a slider block description. Thanks Charles

Have you tried like this ? with no extension, sliders min value is 0 max is 255


"how to use my Slider Ext sent by Anke"

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I'm trying to color an image based upon RBG using Sliders. My attempts have not been successful. Sure would like to find a slider block description. Thanks Charles

Yes, and the Label displayed correctly! What I forgot to mention is I wanted to 'make color' generated by the 3 sliders and have them displayed on either an image.picture or button.image. Maybe this can't be done, ... Thanks Charles

Sorry, it did work when I used button1.backcolor. This all started when I found a Slider Extension from Anke. Do you have a link I could use to learn more about this extension? Thank you so much Charles :grin:

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The extension you use is either @Ken 's extension or @WatermelonIce 's extension

AppyBuilder's community was shutdown so there is no domumentation for first extension but since both look the same try reading second's documentation

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Exactly. That's why I posted this twice:

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dora_paz & Anke,
Thank you both for your help. I found using 3 sliders to display background colors interesting. But really wanted to know results using @Ken 's [extension] or @WatermelonIce 's [extension]. Does anyone have more info? Thanks Charles

I changed the title of the topic :wink:

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Thanks, it seemed too difficult for him. :wink:

Sorry, neither of you were helpful!

If any of you have ideas/suggestions using this Slider Extension I'd appreciate it. The @Ken loop didn't seem to be available, and I didn't understand the @WatermelonIce extension. The Slider Extension shown on the attachment seems interesting. Ideas, a tutorial, other, would be great. Thanks Charles

You need to say what it is you are hoping/expecting to achieve by using the SliderTools extension ?

"Hoping/Expecting to achieve", a very good question! I'm curious! I have just learned I am able to create a RGB background color using 3 Sliders. This had never occurred to me. After hearing/seeing I found it was possible to 'do' a Slider Extension with Pressed. How does this work? What if I use 3 Slider Ext, what's possible? Can you use this on a Canvas, an Image, others. I was curious. Unable find other choices than the Forum I came to you for ideas. I know your staff and experts are busy people, I am always hopeful, maybe you've noticed my enquires before. SteveJG helped me with a question more than 20 years ago.
I hope I answered your question about my intentions/expectation, I'm interested. Thanks Charles

You should also ask a "very good question" and most importantly, a precise question. What exactly is the goal, what is to be achieved?

Show what you've tried so far and read this first:

Well, we are also curious to hear what it's actually about. :wink:

"Give a precise (detailed) description of the issue..." I'll give it a go!
I would like (curious) to have a user manual for Kennichols...SliderTools. Thanks to you I have loaded the aix and ready to go. But, how/why are these blocks used, or what can this slider do? It would be helpful to have a demo, tutorial, manual, anything. This may not be possible, but I was hopeful someone from the Forum with experience using this extension might provide some ideas.

Sorry I didn't keep right on track with a precise issue description but creating colors using RGB sliders I found interesting. Thanks for your support. Charles :sunglasses: