Login Page Using txt file

I have a text or Excel file that contains the username and password of a number of users of an application. I want to save this file in the application source and use this file to create a login page for this application. Can anyone help me?

Let us take a step back. Do you intend to be able to update this file in the future, or will it always remain the same?

It depends on your formatting. You have to show us an example of what the

looks like. For example, if your excel CSV file is read as

[[username1, password1], [username2, password2], [username3, password3]]

which is like this


then export your excel file as a CSV formatted sheet and upload it into the Media of your project.


Then use:

Excel.aia (2.9 KB)


Thank you for your response. I plan to update this file in the future.

Thank you for your response. I will review this solution and mention the result.

Can you first post the excel file here? We do not know your structure.

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