Please help me with this math on CRUD System?

Thanks for showing your blocks, but you also need to show your data, and your firebase structure.

You also need to explain what you are trying to achieve, and what you expect to happen.

One photo is not enough.
Please explain what you want to achieve? Howe you did it? What you get in fact?

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Please elaborate



i want to do a sum on the QTYbox,income, and outcome goods. and the sum will be displayed on the total

Use the maths blocks to do calculations on the data in your labels. You can then return the calculated value to your firebase data. You might do this before you upload the data in the first place (unless it is coming from somewhere else)?

That big red triangle in your cleanup procedures tells me you are not retrieving your data cleanly. You should not have to strip off so much garbage from the returned data.

You can get cleaner data back if you use a tweezers instead of a shovel.

Extend your tags to be more specific, and check each tag by content when it arrives, to know which datum it carries.

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like this?

you mean this one?

heres the aia file, incase the blocks still not clear enough

Stocking.aia (15.3 KB)

Here is a utility app with your data base to show how you can use bucket and tag to explore your data...
FireBase_Explorer.aia (6.8 KB)

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