APK export error

I can not export my project in apk for half an hour. Is this normal?

(Sorry for my English, I used Google translate...)

OK. in fact, I can't export my project to APK; The compiler gives me these errors:
However, before, I could do it.

I'm sorry, it's my first post on the Forum.

What does "before" mean? What was changed and when?
Post your blocks (and the aia).

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Hello !
I have successfully exported my project. I saved the .aia file on my PC, I imported it on app inventor, and I managed to export it to APK. I don't know what caused it, but it works anyway!

Thank you for your answers

Hello Antoine

So possibly there was a glitch in your Internet connection or something else/someone else was using the lion's share of the Broadband width. Always ensure that App Inventor is the King of your Browser. Use FireFox, Chrome or Safari.

Should the error persist, check your Project for anomalies:

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