Just some confusing but useless problems

I made a confusing code, try find out which variable belongs to which

please answer like this:
Q1: (1/2/3)
Q2: (1/2/3)
Q3: (1/2/3)
Q4: (1/2/3)

hint: no matter what is inputed to the procedure, result will always be 5
I will tick the "solution" on the first reply to answer them correctly : D

Please be more clear, as you are playing, I moved this topic to General Discussion.

Why do you need to create 3 local "question" variable/parameters?

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just to make some confusing questions lol

okay sure

Then what is the point of this topic?

giving fun questions for people to think of?
just like quiz but optional

Provide a clear explanation of what you are trying to achieve. Read and apply everything in the topic linked below

With your current blocks, the answer is always 5 because you iterate from 1 to 5.

although I know I shouldn't continue this stupid question I posted, I really want to
if Q3 is 1 the result wont always be 5, but I said it is always 5 so Q3 is not 1, so Q3 is 2 or 3, both correct
cuz the only thing outside the init var is procedure, so Q1 is 1
cuz the result is always 5, Q4 wont be 1, so its 2 or 3, both correct.
cuz the result is always 5, Q3 can only be 3

so the answer is

You certainly succeeded!