firebase error and show all errors

firebase error and show all errors
!Firebase error is displayed and the app doesn't work.

locationtracking.aia (6.8 KB)

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Your question is undetailed and does not include necessary information to help us debug the problem. Please include screenshots of relevant blocks (right click > Download Blocks as PNG), and include ALL necessary details.

Firebase error is displayed and the app doesn't work.
This is not dual registration. I was asked to post a photo in my previous post.

I merged your topics. No need to make a new one.

First, post your blocks in English by changing the language to English. Then, right click and download the blocks in high quality.

thank you

Please show us the content of firebase in the firebase console.

Looking through your app, I see you doing Firebase Appends to lists in various Firebase components.

I did not see any code to initialize those Firebase tag/values as lists.

You did not show us your error message, so all we can do is guess.

Looking at your Firebase components, I see they are the same database but with different buckets.

Are you sure spaces are allowed in Project Buckets? (I have not tried this.)

Looking at your blocks, I see lots of attempts to use GPS location data in your map display and in your logging to CloudDB, but I see no code to actually check if such data is available.

GPS data takes a while to arrive.