How to Connect Dynamic List View With Google Sheet?

I made list View with Dynamic Components. So, how to Get data from Google Sheet in this Dynamic(Custom) List View.
Please help me soon.

Please show your relevant blocks

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Have you asked the developers of the two extensions: Dynamic Components and/or CloudSheets how to do this ?



I am Using Mobile. So, in Mobile I can't download blocks as image.

You were able to show your blocks in your previous post on the same topic? The problem being that they were Kodular blocks (hence why the post was closed) If you are developing on Kodular then you need to ask on the Kodular forum, the extension developers are also more active there.

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@TIMAI2 I am making In Mit App Inventor. But I can't download blocks from Mit. So, I import aia in Kodular & Share the image. But @Peter Closed that Topic.

Why? Where is the problem?

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When I long click on blocks screen but there was no any option appearing. But in kodular it is working.

See here, especially point 3:

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But there is no any option coming like this in Mobile.

So, @TIMAI2 and @Peter. Can I share the blocks of Kodular??

But you can download the aia (from AI2) to your mobile (and post it).

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No, I not want to share aia.

Yes, you can, because you have explained why you don't get the blocks from AI2 with your mobile.
Btw, which mobile? How to work on a mobile with AI2?

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