Showing error message in table view

I've made an app using table view extension. but from yesterday table view extension is showing the below error message.

"java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method setFontTypeface(Landroid/widget/TextView;IZZ)V in class Lcom/google/appinventor/components/runtime/util/TextViewUtil; or its super classes (declaration of '' appears in base.apk)"

can any one help me on this issue and how can I resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance....

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Could you show us what extension you are using and the block associated with the problem or maybe you can share the aia file here.

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this has been reported recently, The author need to fix this bug. Before that, you can use another ext

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Will it be fixed shortly or it will never be fixed

The author is not active on community recently.
You can wait or try my solution in post 3.

I did not get "try my solution in post 3."
where should I see it

use another extension.

can you suggest any extension (with block arrangements) for table view of data from google sheet

  1. retrieve data from google sheet, and save to a global variable.
  2. show data to tableview.
    extension link already send.

Where did you find a link to the bad extension?

It should be de-listed.

Here is an extension-free general purpose sheet viewer:

Hi Kevinkun

I've used your extension Table Viewer V5 . but got an error message too. error message is
error message

Block setting image and google sheet image is also attached here

Also Table viewer block list

How can it be resolved

You need to initalise the tableviewer with a component before you set the data. Your blocks are in the wrong order. Set the init block in Screen1.initialise.

But I want to show the table when View_Exp button is clicked

The table will not show until you add data


for a value procedure you can use to format a table as YAML Elements you can display in a ListView.

That would allow you to work without any table viewing extensions, and to fit any number of columns onto a portrait mode display.




Use a google apps script web app with templated html

Example (you can put this in an iFrame to hide the google banner)

All of which allow you to construct your data in a tabular format without using extensions

Rearrange the blocks

And it is working now

Can I Add a fixed Header Here Like

if yes. How with which blocks

Yes, read the instructions for Tableviewer, and example is given. Your header row will need to be in your data table.