Error from companion

help me

We are going to need more information to help your with your issue....

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This poster started a new thread over the weekend.
(I lost the old thread, but here is some more observations from the aia he posted in the prior thread ...)
So many components Firebasedb8

please solve this issue

There isn't enough information in your post to know how to help you. Can you tell us more about your project, such as what extensions you are using? The image is too small to make out much of anything.

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Based on what the OP posted in another thread
and the dozen or so Firebase components with different servers, one server per attribute of a common tag,

it looks like the OP stopped reading of
before he could reach this at the bottom:


Unauthenticate from Firebase.

Firebase keeps track of credentials in a cache in shared_prefs It will re-use these credentials as long as they are valid. Given That we retrieve a FirebaseToken with a version long life, this will effectively be forever. Shared_prefs survive an application update and depending on how backup is configured on a device, it might survive an application removal and reinstallation.

Normally this is not a problem, however if we change the credentials used, for example the App author is switching from one Firebase account to another, or invalided their firebase.secret, this cached credential is invalid, but will continue to be used, which results in errors.

This function permits us to unauthenticate, which tosses the cached credentials. The next time authentication is needed we will use our current FirebaseToken and get fresh credentials.

I advise the OP to consolidate his Firebase servers into one server, and to store dictionaries under his tags.