How do you send csv file via bluetooth?

i want to send file via bluetooth with csv file format my file is arrange like this;
Date, Time, Name, cell, unlv, lov, unlc, loc, res.
any help with the block code?

Hello Opk

From what device to what device (Make/Model)? What Bluetooth - Classic or BLE? Bluetooth data packages are small, the receiving device would need to able to process a stream of values.

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From smart phone application to esp32 microcontroller, classic bluetooth.

Right, in trouble from the start :grin: You can't send a whole file at once, so it would have to be sent row-by-row.

A Bluetooth data packet has 20 bytes for the payload. The title row "Date, Time, Name, cell, unlv, lov, unlc, loc, res." is approx 50 bytes.

Do you have some sample data rows?

The standard esp32 uses Classic BT but the esp32-C range use BLE, which can be configured to use a large MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), so using BLE it would at least be possible to send a whole CSV row at a time.

Critical - what happens to the data when it arrives at the esp32? It doesn't have a huge amount of ram.

Edit: Also, on average, how big is the CSV file in terms of number of rows?

the data has maximum of 21 rows

That's not too bad. It's possible to stream a few bytes at a time, but what happens when that stream arrives at the esp32? What does the esp32 have to do with the data?

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