Mass download all blocks as images

Is it possible to download all blocks without having to download them all separately. I have heard of extensions, but I would like to use built-in functions, if they exist.

Thanks in advance.

You could

  • do a Download Blocks on the background in the Blocks Editor, but you get only an image of all the blocks
  • Do a Project->Export to get an .aia file
  • use the KevinKun browser extension at FAQ Section: Blocks Editor

See here (→ point 3):

Hi D_Tam

Do you mean download all blocks as an image from more than one Screen at the same time? Or do you mean you want to download all the blocks of one Screen, individually? The latter can be achieved with Kevin's Chrome Browser extension:

A quicker way to recycle your existing blocks is to simply save the Project with a different name. You can easily delete unwanted Screens from that Project.

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