Translate palette

Hi..The translation palette is not working in my account...How to use the yandex translation.

Hello Tiron,

Please show what you have achieved by obtaining an image of your blocks. The most recommended way is to right-click your blocks and select Download Blocks as Image.

We also need more detailed information.

  • Is there an error message? If so, what is it?

  • Do you have a stable Internet connection on your phone?

  • How is it "not working"? Crashing the app? Nothing returned from the component?

I also see that you are working on a phone. It is not recommended to build apps using a phone. Please build apps on a PC, then test on a phone.

P.S. The Translator component is not a palette...

If you are reading some tutorial and it's refering component Yandex translator:

Yandex component is already replaced by Translator component.
You can use Translator component, they have almost same function.