Runtime Error Error from Companion: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.String.toLowerCase()' on a null object reference Dismiss

Send your blocks here. You can also try sending a recording and on what action does the error occur

Fine, wait for some minutes

I can send the recording but I used many blocks. How to send them all?

Send the blocks where you are turning strings to a lower case and all blocks related to that

I am not pro at coding. O am a beginner. Cam you explain what done you mean bully strings and lower case.

get an image of your blocks (→ right mouse click in Blocks area)

Ok. I am trying

While I am trying to upload the image, it is showing that the image is too big. How can I resize it?

Or else send me your e mail or whatsapp no. , I will send it through that

You should not reduce the image, just share it here

but it is showing that the image is too big and cant be uploaded!

see it

Your blocks seem to be a bit long. Split them and send.

Sending personal contact info on the community is not allowed. Use PM instead

the blocks I used

Your blocks image is unreadable.

Either upload an .aia export, or try to use the Blocks Editor error arrows in the lower left of the Blocks Editor to find the empty socket(s).
You will need to do this for each screen.

Ok. U am trying!

I Just used one screen

And how to use blocks editor, please tell me either pictures to help me let understand

Please export your project and post it here.

Thanks. I will try it’s right now