Oppo Phones Problem app dont work

Need help plz.
Some Phones my app dont work and some phone works
i dont know where did i go wrong.
how can i improve this app?
TTVHSsirDan.aia (274.5 KB)

how to do this step 4? my app is already running. i already attached the files.


We need to know more:

  1. What phones (Make/model) + Android version 'work'
  2. What phones (Make/model) + Android version do not 'work'
  3. Have you discovered the problem testing via Companion/APK or have you alreay distributed the App and your Users are having problems with it?
  4. When you say 'Don't work'. What does that really mean - the App does not launch, the App does not run, the App crashes/freezes during use?
  5. Does the App or Android notify an error? If so, we need that exact message.

Ok my bad im just new to this things. Here what i did.

I made the app the i just build the app without testing with companion app. I just install the app on my phones and it runs as i program it so i distribute the app to my users some phones dnt have problems except from the OPPO brands not so familiar with the model since i dnt have that brand but i tried to check the model forgut to record them as i remember its A3 phone and the other was A6 MODEL i will check it later their android version is confusing coz i think they named their own version differently not so sure about this please forgive me. What i mean that its not working is that the app it not loading as what i have seen on other working phones. The only shows white screen or just the image was loaded successfully while the bottons and the pagr is not showing. I really dnt know where did i get wrong coz my app is so simple.

I dnt get error from the android it just not showing all the bottons and the page is not loading well.

Its like a resolution mismatch maybe. I hvnt explored much on it coz i dnt have that phones.

Its working on huaweiphone 7i and my android 9 other phone

The app is working well on emulator running android 7.

Well, it looks like the model of the phones that fail is critical, since there is a wide range and some are very high spec and should not have any issue running your App. How did you distribute the App?

OK, forget my last Post - you have not set the Screen to Scroll, so that is why some phones do not see the whole Screen.

Another possible issue is the Background image. You are asking the phones to make a large dimensional change to it - it should be much closer to the finished size in Portrait mode.

Whenever you have a long Block that looks like a crocodile teeth, you should know it could be better. :koala:

Try this - your App with the crocodile teeth pulled out :slightly_smiling_face:

TTVHSsirDan_edit.aia (404.0 KB)

thank you very much. as what i have expected its an image problem and my coding is not good. im sorry i just learn on my own i dnt have any background about programing im just enjoying it. but i already remove the image and tried so far its working but i would like to explore this new code that you used on edited one thanks.

what shoudl be the size of an image?

It needs to be proportional in size and close to the size of Smart Phones - there is no perfect dimension because there are different phone sizes with different resolutions. You can check the size I used in the edit of your Project. That's what I mean by proportional but ideal the image would have started life as PNG format given that it scales better (we always want the image to scale down to maintain quality but with PNG you can get away with a % scale up too).

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