Can the web browser access my phone files

Hello there,
Was making a browser for some decentralized social media websites. When I try to upload a picture from my phone the button to choose the files don’t do anything when clicked. Its there an addon for this or is there something I’m doing wrong or is his even an option and limitations of the web browser?

I did that and I couldn’t find a single thing relevant thanks. There is no need to show blocks I’m just wondering if web browser has the fucntion to access phone files. I see no thread for that, I see no details for that anywhere. After that question is answered I will decide if there is even a need to debug, because I can’t debug something that isn’t possible. I’ve run into this situation before where I was asking the app builder to do more than it was capable of.

it might be a limitation, the webview component is no full browser, but you could try one of the webview extensions

Webview Tools Extension Version 8 by LukeGackle
Extended WebViewer Extension by Ben and Sivagiri_Visakan
Webviewer Interact Extension by Zhangzqs
Custom WebView Extension by vknow360

taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Thanks! I’ll report back if any work

So it looks like these two extentsions are going to be needed to fix this issues. Taifun, it looks like this is actually yours or thats a more common name.

However this means I’m going to have to learn to create a directory screen to pick the file I need to upload. Any ideas if there are templates for something like this already done?

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I have not found that any of the extensions that offer “local file access” return a file to the webview…could just be me, but this is using the html input tag which does the thing in a normal browser.

In kodular if you click the desktop mode in webviewer it works just fine. Sadly not an option in app builder but its fine, problem solved

In App Inventor?

No sadly, but you can upload your aia to kodular easily and then after looking for errors you can add many more add-ons and options. I still prefer app builder for the initial build though because i like its interface better.

there is no such thing as App Builder... probably you are talking about MIT App Inventor?

Yes I got the naming confused with appybuilder, which seems to be kind of broken right now.