File scope shared doesn't work in Android 11 or higher

The file scope "shared" works to find out if a file exists in the external map Download, but if you want to copy it to the app specific map, it gives an error: Java.IOException: Unsupported file scope: Shared.

Show your blocks.

My Android version: 11 (OxygenOS-version

The same IOexception nr 1602

Post the aia or a test aia.

This works for me using Android 10 and 11 with companion 2.62u


TestImport.aia (2.2 KB)

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Thanks but Sorry: Permission denied

Rename club.csv to club1.csv and try again.


Try this:

Android 11 with the compiled app (APK):


Yes! Thanks.
This works. What was the problem?

I've mentioned this bug countless times:


Thank you very much.

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