How to get part of a string

how to get part of a string ?
Screen 1 :I make list let clients choose item from list picker
"" REMEDIAL MASSAGE 60 minutes $120 ""

Screen 2 :going to make a invoice and get value from the Screen 1 the item client already picked but how can I just only get the number "120 " put on the price and item will be " REMEDIAL MASSAGE 60 MINS ? Tks

Where is 85 in your string ?

Use the split at spaces block to convert your string to a list, then select the list item you require.

I was created another screen for price list and sent the value to screen one join the world with $ thank you for looking into my question

See → here (especially point 3):

Sorry is 120

better to give more examples, for us to find the pattern.


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Thank you for help :blush:

This sample project might help you ...

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