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MIT App Inventor Help

This is a place for MIT App Inventor Programmers to ask questions or report problems using MIT App Inventor.

Work for Hire

Freelancers and people looking for someone to help build apps should use this category to get connected.


Propose new extensions, get help with extensions, or share your extensions here. If you are a developer writing an extension, please see the #open-source-development:extension-development category instead.

General Discussion

This category is for general discussion of app development, not necessarily related to a specific part of App Inventor. It may include topics of interest to the larger app development community for discussion in the context of MIT App Inventor.

Artificial Intelligence

App Inventor provides opportunities to incorporate artificial intelligence into mobile apps using frameworks like Google’s TensorFlow.js. Share extensions, tutorials, and projects that showcase the power of mobile-enabled AI.


MIT uses this category to announce new App Inventor features and releases.

App Inventor for iOS

Learn more about development of MIT App Inventor for iOS. Beta testing participants should discuss iOS specific functionality here. If you are interested in signing up to be a beta tester, please use this form.

Tutorials and Guides

Post useful tutorials and helpful guides to this category. Please tag the posts to help other community members find tutorials and guides of interest.

Open Source Development

This category is used for sharing development progress for those building on the MIT App Inventor open source repository at Anyone interested in extending core App Inventor or writing extensions should join this group and share their experiences.

Bugs and Other Issues

Report potential issues with App Inventor in this category.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Internet of Things

Learn about using Internet of Things (IOT) devices with MIT App Inventor. Share tips and tricks, ask questions, and show off your cool IOT-based projects in this category. For more information about using IOT with MIT App Inventor, see

App Showcase

Showcase your finished apps and get feedback from other app inventors.

User Interface and Graphics

This category is for asking questions or offering help on good user interface design for App Inventor apps. Share your tips and tricks with other users to provide the best user experience and visuals with the community.


Informational posts about MIT App Inventor and the community, such as best practices, posting guidelines, and other information are placed here.

Data Storage

Discuss ways of storing and processing data in apps as well as making cross platform applications using components like CloudDB.

Translating App Inventor

App Inventor relies on the community to provide translations in a wide variety of languages. If your language is missing or incomplete, please consider signing up to be a translator!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Look here first for the best answers. Tired of retyping answers to common questions? File them in this Category by Subject.


Use this category to discuss topics related to the MIT App Inventor Appathon. MIT will also use this category to make occasional announcements. The Appathon 2021 coding period starts on July 19 and ends July 31.