Find the volume of objects

Hello MIT APP INVENTOR staff, please help
I want to create a program that the user uses his remote to take a table and the system calculates the size of this table for him, please say please

Well, ask a question and I know, please answer

what is a remote ?

how does the user do this? What table ?

If we know what a table is .....

I did not understand what you mean, but I mean the user takes a picture of an object with his camera and the system brings the volume of those objects.

For example, the user takes a photo of a book, and then the app determines the length, width and thickness of the book. I'm not sure if this is usable in App Inventor.

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AFAIK, this would require AI/ML. Unfortunately, calculating the volume of objects such as tables will be impossible to do, given you'll need to get exact measurements and its immense difficulty in the real world.

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It is looking like you are searching around Augmented Reality.

Perhaps this post and thread will help you,

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