Load mp3 Problems

So you see I'm tryna to upload an mp3 file manually by the user. Like when btn_upload.click then open a prompt or something, to upload a mp3 file. Thank you.

Show us your relevant blocks, and please read this:

I mean I'm tryna to find like is there a way or something? Like I know you can upload txt files. From the file component.

language isn't clear.

I have edited

See App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Pick a file | Pura Vida Apps by @Taifun.

It is a guide for picking a file (I followed it this morning)

And where would you like to upload the file to? You can implement a file picker with SAF.

Upload and play it with the player component

It is recommended to read this guide before you begin, because it really depends on what files, and where.

And this.

And posts in this topic.

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Use the FileList method from the file extension to get a list of the mp3 files

Then use the listpicker to pick a file to play it
See also the Jukebox example there...



Ah - confusion 'Upload' generally refers to putting something on the Cloud (internet). What you want to do is Load a file into your App.

Ah right. Sorry.

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