The Companion is not working

When connecting the AI Assistant, I scan the qr code, after that there is a download line on the monitor, and on the phone (iPhone 6, iOS 15.7.9) the application screen appears for 1 second and throws it onto the phone's desktop and message appears on the laptop: "The Companion has disconnected". Previously, it was possible to connect and test several times. Please help me fix this.


We can only help you if you give more info about your project.

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Hello, Peter. The project is in its infancy. I was preparing the registration and login page for the Application. Here are the blocks:

Welcome Eugene.

This behavior is ossibly an issue with all the empty puzzle pieces you currently have in your code or a CloudDB feature not yet handled in ios yet.

How have you modified your code since it worked previously without frequent disconnects?

Is your MainScreen actually Screen1 renamed? If so that is possibly the problem;

Hello, Steve. At first, I made a registration and login page with FirebaseDB1, but for some reason I got an error and the data was not displayed in Firebase. In this case, the AI Assistant Companion is working. After that, I decided to try to create a registration and login page with CloudDB. And there were problems here with AI Assistant. Maybe I should try other storage if there are problems with CloudDB? Maybe there is a tip.

Did you see these two comments?

I don't do ios so I can't help your. Can you try your code on a real Android or the emulator. It might work; if it does work then the issue is using CloudDB on ios

The registration and login page is called Screen1, and the mane page after logging in is called MainScreen.

I tried it as an Android AI Assistant, while the application is displayed significantly incorrectly. An error appears when connecting the Emulator:

The aiStarter helper does not appear to be running

Thank you all for trying to figure out my problem.

There is a known bug in the latest store version that causes the CloudDB component to crash the app. We have a new version in the queue that will go out as soon as Apple approves it.