Is MIT App Inventor Turing complete? How to prove that?

Need for a paper. Some references would be helpful. Thanks!

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Finally, an interesting post!

I would start with the discussion at

for examples and counter examples.
There are lots of bibliographic references, too.

Because AI2 can run JavaScript, and assuming JavaScript is Turing Complete, that would make AI2 Turing Complete (even though the physical devices on which you run AI2 do not have infinite memory.)


The App Inventor language itself is also Turing Complete, without needing to spin out to JavaScript to do that. Most people with a basic knowledge of procedures and lists in App Inventor should be able to implement the primitive methods required for a Turing Machine.


Thanks. I think that too. AI2 itself can do basic programming, so it should be Turing complete.

Thanks. The thread looks interesting.