My game, SamuSlash

So.. hi there. Im new to the community. Im trying to make a game where a once invisible label telling you what button to click appears. Im done with the invis, but dont know how to randomize. Please tell me.

hello and welcome to our community
I don't understand your problem, did you search for it?

let me explain it.. So im making a game, but i dont know how to randomize my labels going invisible and visible.

If you have a List of Buttons, you can use

pick a random item

Picks an item at random from the list.

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what about labels?

this is my blocks so far

You have multiple Labels in your app? Perhaps use a List of your Labels.

What you do depends on what you expect to happen . How do you determine what Label is supposed to become Visible? By pressing a Button ?

Show your code block image and someone can provide more specific advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A list? Can i see a example?


  • business view label

  • title label

  • note label


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Can you show us an image of YOUR Blocks so far Nin?

initialize global buttonList to .. make a list Button1

initialize global labelList to .. make a list Label1

This example displays a random Label when Button1 is pressed :wink:

alr, here.

I've only done the invisible one, im trying to make a random block not invisible when a timer is done.
yk, while im doing this, might as well explain what i want for the game.
So, a random text will appear in a given time limit. it explains what button to click. When the clock is done with its timer, it'll start another clock. this clock is the time limit. if you click the correct button in the second clocks time limit, you'll get a point and it'll restart.
this is what i invision it to be.

it should be initialize as soon as game starts then start the timer that i said up there and yeah