AI companion showing images but APK failed to load

Hello All,
In AI companion all the images and formatting are showing correct, but while changing to APK its not showing. The same APK works well in another android phone.
MI 8 Pro with MIUI 12.0.1 APK not working properly.
Samsung A30 with Android 10 with One UI 2.0, everything works well.


Show your (relevant) blocks and see also here:

Please show your blocks

these are the blocks

Currently I have designed only UI and limited Blocks with the image swap function.
patternUnlock block is empty.

Below is the screenshot from two of the Android Devices. Non working and working Images.

My guess, based upon the limited single block you showed, is that it might be a timing issue on startup, if you are getting/setting images at startup.....

Remove the procedure pattern unlock until you do something with it

I have hardcoded the image names on the designer tab, on the click event I am swapping the images.
Same code will work when I use AI companion on the same phone , but post converted to *.apk it failed to load images by default, but click event is working and images shows up correctly.

Is this due to Android version. My phone is running on Android 10.QP1A.190711.020, MIUI Global 12.0.1 and not having any SD card installed?

Post the aia or a test aia.

here is the AIA file. Test_image.aia (287.8 KB)
replicate the issue.
Click on Login then Dashboard screen will show up.
Post this screen load click on list item then click back and you were able to see custom buttons . if you click those they will turned on.

Hello Anke,

I have posted the AIA file.
Also I did some check at my end. Image loading problem is there for all the android phones running on MIUI 12.0.1 and older version of MIUI this app works flawlessly.


Even I am on Mi phone, are the images included in your assets? If yes, it should work else, if you use file location you might run into some problems.

Yes it works

thanks for confirming, but this is not working in my phone :frowning: not sure why!

Just a quick look at the assets: