Recovering lost projects

Apparently, it cannot be emphasized enough: Back up your projects locally on your computer and a local data medium (USB stick) as often as possible, as well as in a cloud. And this at the latest after each milestone in app development.

Everyone has had the experience of a project crashing or getting lost and you either had to start from scratch or lost 1-2 working days (so had to rebuild those blocks).

Is there any Alternative

We are in mourning for your dead project.



PS:thread closed, everything already has been said

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OP apparently still has questions (two duplicate topics raised (and burned) already)

What next

Continuing the discussion from Topic creation: this is the link, open it and see
When you open it, click on Stock manager and see what i am doing but do not do anything

You will notice that after 5 minutes it asks to reload

Only you can open that project in your account.

You may need to share the aia project here, if it is that causing the issue.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

No one can see your projects. Only the person logged into your profile can see it.

Stock_Manager (1).aia (8.4 KB)

this is it try and open it and continue the work for me, i am doing a stock manager, if you click the submit button, the stock amount will change to the number you inserted in the textbox. when sold is clicked, the label number will minus by one. when you are done, please upload the aia for me. and tell me what i should pay you

Not being asked to reload here (from looking at your project i wasn't expecting to be either)

Must be something at your end.

Stock_Manager (1).aia (8.4 KB)
Sorry, i sent the wrong one, please follow my instructions in the previous message and do it for me. i just changed it to the correct project.

This is how i code it, please continue it for me and if possible finish it. when you are done with it, please message me the aia alongside with what i should pay you

If you want someone else to do the work for you, we have the appropriate section for such ads.

please can you help me, i will pay you and also, i don't have stable internet connection in my current location.

I looked in your project.

Losing it was a blessing in disguise.

Because of your poor Internet connection, do not consider any of the online data bases for your data storage.

Your app requires knowledge of list handling and the list components to succeed.

What do you mean

What do you mean by this?

By what?
Please read this and elaborate