Copy and paste feature

Hello , i want to add copy and paste feature to my app. How can that be done ?

Copy what, from where, paste to where?

Lets say , you have a shopping list that you want to copy from like a notepad to ur app . How can i be able to do by that ?

On my Samsung Phone and ONN tablet, the intrinsic Copy/Paste features inherent in the devices allow me copy and paste values between apps.

Yh but the things is thing is that those apps and your device already have the copy and paste features inherent in them . With apps made with app inventor it doesn’t have such feature maybe unless you code it . I want to know how i cam code a copy and paste feature where i can copy things from somewhere and paste it on my app .

I guess then I'm a little fuzzy on what it is you are trying to do. Such copy/paste inherent to the devices are purposefully external to any single app thereby revealing the requirement to code similar functions within each app.

try the Clipboard extension


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You can also use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for strings from applications outside of AI2.

How can I implement that ?