Enable Iphone Model?


i have downloaded the Forum.aia Project in the community.
And i cann see

only in this project...

How to enable from the source ?

which builder are you using?

Probably the user's own / someone else's builder. This is Open Source Development.


what is the name if it is someone else's builder?

i dont think this is user's own builder...

do you know that appinventor is open source and people can run their own builder on their device?


yes i know that. i even watched your video on how to make one

then just like that maybe he has his own instance and i am pretty sure he do have cause he dmed me to clear some other doubts about ai2 sources also

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@Aarush_Kumar maybe he has

@XPF_Support please make your question more clear...

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This feature shows up when the app has the Theme DeviceDefault. It's intended solely to skin the preview to give a sense of how the app would appear on different platforms. It does not control how the app actually appears on a device.


Or the Theme Dark.


good afternoon

sorry for the late reply

i'm using my own builder .

i know sorry

there are a lot off topics alsoo ..
i would to know why in this project i can see this ..
with a new project its hidden.

ok i have downloaded this project on appinventor community.
And i want to know how to show this

because i'm using the source.

  1. Go to the Properties of Screen1 and find Theme.

  2. Set Theme to DeviceDefault. Scroll back up and choose 'iPhone' or anything similar in the second drop down.


thank you so much @Gordon_Lu

have a nice day or night

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