App inventor Nano BLE 33

Unclear, as I said

(especially this procedure)

I Showed all my blocks, I created a callback function in order to handle the data received via Arduino Nano 33 BLE. I can scan perfectly but I don't receive any data. Please Let me know if I am not clear enough.

Here are my blocks If someone wants them Or can correct how I can receive data properly


Android version & device name?
Did you enable Location in the device settings?

Try this and post screenshot of "Do it" result:

Here are my device properties. I am sorry i didnt understand do you want me to change the block "RegisterForBytes" to ReadBytes? and for my labels I don't have 'Do it'.

Connect your device to Companion, right mouse click on Label1.Text, "Do it".

See also here (point 4): How to ask a question (open new topic)

Okey and replace "RegisterForBytes'' with Read Bytes?

I did exactly what you said.

What about trying it first instead of asking more questions and posting the same blocks over and over again. Incidentally, the RegisterForBytes & ReadBytes blocks do not necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.


Why are you getting angry. If you don't want to help then don't as simple as that. I am still learning and If i were an expert in App Inventor I wouldn't ask for help. So take it easy.

I'm not angry at all. I just asked you to try something yourself first. :upside_down_face:

Okey You have showed two blocks. i used them just like what you have showed in your image. I can't scan the app, it catches. So I built an apk file and installed it. It's not working i can't receive data.

It's one more time. Were you able to connect to your bluetooth device? I understand that the problem is in the write/read communication itself?

Yes the connection with my app is great. I have showed images iof the scan and the connection.

Try this one:

and post screenshots before & after "Read bytes" button is clicked (of course after scanning & connecting). If you get an error, please post it as well.

PS: UUIDs are saved in TinyDB, so you must enter them only once.

First, download a universal app from the play store to receive ble data. Check in this app if your arduino is sending data correctly.

Yes I use BlueLight, It works perfect. But My app inventor no.

So, show us what your example data looks like?

I guess the solution may be, as Anke mentioned, to use bytes instead of floats. try it. I also see that she has prepared a test app, try it too.

Yes I will try it immediately and show you my results. Thank you so much for your interest in my problem.