I can't Paste longitude and latitude in properties

I can't paste the longitude and latitude from the site in the properties of the marker

Welcome Heba.

Perhaps this graphic will help

If the graphic is not helpful (just copy the Latitude and Longitude as indicated in green); please tell us more about what you are trying to do. Have you placed a Marker on your Map? Have you provided code to center the map on that location?

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Yes I have done but when I use the site https://www.latlong.net to take the long and lat and paste them in the app inventor properties of the marker, it doesn't paste

Paste with the ctrl + V keys.

Not working , you cannot paste in the properties neither in centre from string

Maybe show somehow on the picture where you want to paste something. Perhaps we misunderstand each other.

You are copying a location in the middle of a dessert. This graphic might help.

that needs to be centered and presented on a map that shows sufficient detail

that displays as shown above.