App doesn't work but works when used with companion AI

I have an app thar works when I share it on my phone with companion AI. But when I use thé app 'alone' on my phone it doen't works. Do somebody have an idea about this issue

You should really give more information else it will be difficult to help you.

Thank you Peter

I have no issue with companion using my phone (android 12).

When i use thé app(.aia) on thé same phone, it start (I think until sreen init) and then the app stop

We still don't know what is the problem. You didn't show blocks or posted an aia so we could test.

Does your project use large assets, a large number of extensions, etc, etc? That is why you have to give more information. So let's start with that.

I get this when I connect with the companion. Did you get that also?

no, I don't have this message (I don't understand)

What Android version you are testing on?

This one....

This is possibly a Bluetooth permissions issue required on a real Android compiled. See Android permissions - BLE - Android 12

Try this one:

Thanks a lot Anke and SteveJG! It seems to work well know. I have to test deeper, but the first results are very good.

Great job!

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