How do I do something specific for each word?

Hi, I want to make the user write hello, for example, to do a property for each word, for example h or e or l and l or o.
If you entered this instead of h, write b, for example, or write a a instead of e.
Also put these together, for example, enter the greeting and say Bazze
please help me

Not sure I understand.

You are asking for simple substitution cryptography.

Try these blocks:


Hello, just one point now, how should the user write the text, and if, for example, you write hello in the bazze answer, I do not want to say, for example, the user says hello, for example, another word may come, like hhheeello, I also want to write bbbaaazzzze. Word Please advise how to enter a user on an input and respond to it in the system

Yes, his code will do that for you as well.

I am extremely grateful for your kindness. thanks to everyone

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