When pressed the quit button it will crash

When click the quit button and the button of" No" for play again option for the game to navigate back to home page, the apps with crash and quit the app automatically. Anyone know where the problem is ? Thanks you!

Welcome to the community. Please post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help. Since this is your first topic have a look at


Please post your relavant blocks.

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One thing I noticed is this block has a warning. You did not fill in all of the sockets (annotated in red).

Before exporting/testing an app, please check the warnings tab to see if there is any warnings or errors.

Thank you! So I need to add ''true" block at the red socket right? Im sorry that i have sent wrong block just now. This is the block that cause the bug. Thanks

I don't think so, because adding true means that the user has an additional button that cancels the dialog and the button text is 'Cancel'. Your question in the dialog is a Yes-or-No question, so you don't need the additional cancel button. You can simply add false, but it is up to you.

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okay thanks for your help :wink: & issit any problem to my block that sent in comment just now ? Thanks

Should be.

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