I can't see pictures i have on the designer, om my AL companion

Hello, I need some help.
I started working on an app, and I've putted a lot of pictures in it. (91)

However, I can see only some of them. When i put image1 and make it visible, i can see it on designer and on AL companion. But when i try same thing with image5, I can see it on laptop designer, but not on
phone al companion... Even they have almolst the same name, ive inserted them same way, and they are both jpg.
What can the problem be?

Please post a screenshot of the Designer and also the relevant blocks (and also a small test aia).

So, you can see what I see on laptop and what I see on mobile. Both images are put on "visible" but one of them just doesnt show on mobile.

Out of my 91 images, like 70 of them aren't visible. And there are always the same ones i can and cant see.

I downloaded them both same way and same time

To make it short, post the aia or rather a small text aia that reproduces the (supposed) problem.

Possibly the special characters in the filenames ?

Screenshot 2023-02-15 23.02.55

  1. As TimAI2 has pointed out, remove the special characters from the file names %() and others that we can't see in the screenshot.

  2. Have you optimized your images for Android/iOS?
    See my website:
    ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Images