Where to find the "open another screen" block?

Hi, does anyone know why the block of "when screen 1 click do” doesn’t appear here?? And what are those red blocks below the actual block ? Pls help it’s urgent :frowning:

There is no Screen1.Click do block
It is possible you are following someone else's work, and they have renamed a button to something similar to Screen1 ? (If you are on a screen other than Screen1 you can name a button/other component to Screen1)

See the documentation:


No I’m doing my own work and I do have a screen 1 :confused: pls heeelp :frowning:

There is no Screen1.Click do block.....

What do you mean ??? :frowning:

Please explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve.

I’m trying to find a block that allows me to open another screen when my first screen is clicked on

you can find that block in the Control drawer

The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor

PS I renamed the subject of your thread...

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Switch back to the Designer, and drag a Button onto the Screen.
The Button will have a Click event in the Blocks Editor.

Some events, like errors, need to tell you not only what happened, but also details about the event for you to use in your blocks in that event. For example, the screen error event tells you what kind of error happened. If you hover your cursor over one of these red areas, a block to give you the value should appear, ready for you to drag.