How do I to count without button

if textbox1 text updated then copy text to textbox7
if textbox2 text updated then count txb1 + txb2 = txb7
if txb 3 text updated then count txb1 + txb2 + txb3 = txb7

You could use when TextBox.LostFocus, but it won't update while entering the value, only when the TextBox loses focus.

I use this and it's error "it isn't integer"

Show us what you've tried so far.
What exactly is the goal? Give us some examples.

And read this first:

I have created PR for this kind of stuff when ever it will merge you will find this feature in App Inventor.

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For nowyou could use @Taifun 's TextBox extension and use Enter Pressed Listener or Set Icon for Enter button on soft keyboard for a textbox. In that way when enter pressed or Done create a procedure to display subtotal


You can use TaifunTextbox extension

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i know, but is mit app inventor can't?

Please rephrase?

you can see, i don't want to rephrase

I'll wait for 1 day


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Why won't you use Do it to debug your blocks and see if it works ?

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an example

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I didn't understand what you said, which is why I asked you to rephrase...

Sorry, I can English only a bit
can't MIT APP INVENTOR do it?

I'll wait until 16.00 UTC +8 if I haven't new answer, if I have new answer I'll wait until 1 day

No problem.
You can't use plain App Inventor, but you can use Taifun's extension in conjunction with App Inventor since the TextBox Component doesn't have a .changed function

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Ok, I'm ready