Map组件中roads类型地图无法显示 - Roads type map in Map component cannot be displayed (in Mainland China)



问题是,地图元件不是使用高德地图,而是用美国的开放街道地图。由于资料大都是关于欧美地区,所以有可能缺少中国的一些街道。 我不知道MIT是否会解决这个问题,但是由于地图的提供商不是MIT,所以有可能修不了。



OpenStreetMap might not include some roads in the mainland. I've tried that myself when I was there. You might want to switch to an alternative.


This is unusual. The Road Map type 'always displays' You say that the Aerial and Terrain maps display properly for you. The Aerial and Terrain maps do not usually display at zoom values of 8 and higher because the maps are not available at the higher magnifications everywhere as @Gordon_Lu mentioned. Try a zoom of 5. :slight_smile:

Please post an example of how your app displays a Road, an Aerial and a Terrain map so we can determine what might be the problem. Thank you.

The Map component uses the OpenStreetMap map tile set. It does not use the Google Map Tiles.

This is an OpenStreetMap of Bejing .

. You do not see these roads?

All the roads displayed here should also display using the Map component. If a Road you expect to see does not display it is because it is either not available or the information is blocked.

Part of the same map centered at 39.9190,116.5454 shown on an app:

If I use Aerial or Terrain, there are no map tiles to display. You can see Roads but not Aerial or Terrain. :cry: On an emulator the Aerial and Terrain do not display however they both display on a real device at a zoom of 5.

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I live in Mainland of China, I never used Map component, since it's not working here. (not fault of App Inventor, but the policy of China)
I can use Bing map, or Tencent Map, or Baidu Map.


Kevin, can you confirm this does not work in China please. I know Google Maps is blocked there but OSM used to work there.

Beijing.aia (1.1 KB)

not working in designer, in companion and in apk .


Thanks! OSM evidently no longer works in mainland China as the OSM tiles are blocked.



我可以看到Aerial and Terrain 类型地图,不能看到roads类型地图

Thank you. Aerial and Terrain are probably not being blocked but due to China policy Road maps are Blocked.

Kevinkun says he uses

You may be able to use Bing the with a WebViewer with a url like' Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more '

or using your LocationSensor to supply the latitude and longitude. Here is a tutorial showing how to do that with OSM (which you cannot probably do in China). Use similar code as shown .