How do I output and insert a number from a list?

I need to output a number from the list every time, starting from 1 element to the end of the list, in order to insert it into the tachocount. How to output and insert a number from an list? Please help, thanks in advance!

I did this, but seriously no one could tell about it?

Usually you use a for each item in list loop
Great, that you found a solution yourself

And next time let me suggest you to be more patient... this is an international community and we are located in different timezones


Hello, thanks for the feedback, but I'm just upset that 20 people looked at the post, and not one of them wrote such a simple solution :c. Can you help me with delay pls btw?

Well, probably because the question was unclear?
See here about how to ask correctly

PS: for new questions please start a new thread and before asking do a search in the community... we already talked a lot about delays... use a clock component...

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Oh okay, sorry im Yakutian so i got terrible English. I looked at posts about this, tried them but nothing worked for me. I'll try again