Unable to creat Gvhelper

problem any phone

According to the documentation Texting
If the [GoogleVoiceEnabled] (Social) property is true, messages can be sent over Wifi using Google Voice. This option requires that the user have a Google Voice account and that the mobile Voice app is installed on the phone. The Google Voice option works only on phones that support Android 2.0 (Eclair) or higher. Unfortunately, receiving no longer works in Google Voice due to changes introduced in Google Voice App.

Regarding gVHelper. Are you attempting to use GoogleVoice on a tablet. That WIFI ability never worked for me. Uncheck GoogleVoiceEnabled in the Designer if you have the box checked and test on a real cell phone. My understanding this also NEVER worked outside the USA. :cry:

Also be aware, the Texting tool is broken on the main server. MIT says that should be fixed by 15 February.

If i remember, Google Voice is not available outside of the USA?