A beginner start to bulid an application using MIT to control the movement of the robot connecting to Raspberry pi

Hello, I am a newbie in creating an application. So, I have decided to create an application using this MIT Apps Inventor medium. Before I started, is it possible for me to create an application to control the movement of a robot that is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 along with a camera. If possible, can u suggest me some steps or guide for me to start and finish this project ?

Thank you in advance.

And read this:

Hello khairulikhwn

Welcome to our forum. The project you propose can be done, though there is much more support for the Ardunio boards than there is for Pi, and if you are building a Robot and have not invested in the hardware yet, go for Arduino as it is more suitable.

Before you embark on your Project, invest a day doing the (free) App Inventor tutorials.

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