I want my app to keep the session open even if I close the window

good afternoon, I have created an application in mit app inventor that asks for a username and password to enter, once I have been able to read the application it goes to a screen that is a button that gives the location and allows it to be sent via sms to some contacts.
I have a problem and it is that if I close the window and then I want to go back in, I have to log in again. How can I do so that it does not ask me for the username and password again? that the session remains open and that it can only be closed when you press the close button?

Store the login details in a tinydb, and test for this when opening the app. Only clear the login details in the tinydb if the close button is pressed.

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Show your relevant blocks and read this:

Good morning,
Thank you for your kind response, it is the first time that I use this forum so it was not my intention to create any inconvenience. I will take your recommendations into account for future consultations.
Thanks for the information.

Good morning,
Thank you for your kind response, I will take your advice into account and tell you the results.

I have the same question, however, I still can't find a solution here in the community. My application is integrated with a mysql database and I would like to keep the session open after the first user login. I'm starting to learn on the inventor's platform. I appreciate everyone's availability. Here are some prints of the login blocks.