Please help me to create an application to play mp4 files from google drive

Hello, I'm Thai. I tried to create a program to play mp.4 files from google drive by studying examples from the internet. but still not successful Is there anyone who can spare some time to help me? The symbol on the left wants to play mp.4. When pressed, you will get the symbol in the middle of the right. done I use a translation app. because I'm not good at English thank you

Hello user. Have you tried any blocks yet? If so, please attach them here.

Refer to this topic for how to download high-quality blocks.

You "could" do it like this:


thank you from the heart

The Blocks command was not found as in the example. Do you have any advice?

What is the cause? thank you

What if I want the selected video files to start playing automatically? What should I do? thank you

The error message has nothing to do with your blocks. Look at the ResponseFileNameVideoPlayer.Source:


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